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web presence

This page keeps track of the various online resources I maintain, in approximate order of academic relevance.

resource description
Electronic Corpus of Anonymous Homilies in Old English A library of anonymous homilies from early medieval England, with advanced tools for analysis currently in development
research library My personal bibliography of scholarship. Most items are heavily annotated.
studium.langeslag.org Course materials, as well as some fairly elaborate general-purpose learning aids of Old Norse and Old English.
paradigms.langeslag.org A showroom of Old Norse verb paradigms.
septentrionalia A repository of out-of-copyright text editions and scholarship in pdf format. Perhaps most usefully, it contains several dictionaries of Old Norse poetic language in browsable and downloadable formats.
rollover flashcards An online flashcard utility for my students and anyone interested.
Allegoriae in universam sacram scripturam A more lexicographical layout for Pseudo-Hrabanus’s allegorical dictionary. Nothing fancy.
real Old English A first sketch I once started, but don’t expect to finish, towards an online paradigm-learning tool of Old English.
Beowulf hæfð swelce bloh! Beowulf has a blog too!: a project I set up to practise my php/mysql and Old English composition skills. I haven’t posted in years.
Tech Notes The obligatory blend of notes to self and public reminiscing on Linux, language, LaTeX, copyright, and other technical matters.

I like to keep my presence on social networking channels subdued, but I welcome contact by email.